A smallscale farmer walking through his farm

The origins of Tompkins Point Apparel trace to when our founder, Scott, accepted an offer to work as the CFO of a farmer-owned fair-trade and organic cotton trading company in Hyderabad, India. Scott grew up in New Jersey and had worked on Wall Street, so he knew very little about farming, cotton or even India for that matter. But he was looking for a life experience, so he went for it.

He had incredible experience. It was the most challenging, rewarding, frustrating and enjoyable experience of his life. He learned a lot while he was there, especially about how difficult life is for farmers in one of the poorest areas of the world. Most of the farmers in this region earn the equivalent of $1 per day by farming four acres of land or less - they are poor, uneducated, often illiterate, and frequently exploited.

Americans are very far removed from these parts of the world, but by working with these cotton farmers, Scott was face-to-face with a group of people that struggled as they produced a product that every American buys. After studying their situation, Scott began to understand the challenges these farmers face, and he soon noticed an opportunity to improve their lives by taking a creative approach to producing the products we, Americans, consume regularly. Scott founded Tompkins Point Apparel to make the most of this opportunity.