A worker makes a sample of Tompkins Point's polo

We're extremely proud of the factory from which we source our clothing. It is located in Calcutta, India and is extremely progressive and employee-oriented. It is certified fair trade, organic and also has an SA-8000 certification.

We spent some time in the factory this spring and were very impressed. The factory's management treats their employees incredibly well. Specifically, the factory:

  • Pays wages in excess of the local market rate
  • Funds schooling for the children of all of its employees up to university level
  • Provides interest free loans to employees of up to six months wages
  • Provides free basic health insurance for all employees and their families
  • Hosts an eye operation camp in which workers and their families can get cataract surgery for free
  • Provides subsidized food to all workers
  • Pays a housing allowance of up to 5% of wages
  • Provides 2 week of paid vacation per year
  • Pays all employees a 10% annual bonus, regardless of the factory’s profitability
  • Allows workers the right to unionize – there are currently 3 unions within the factory

Since this factory is extremely progressive and worker-oriented, we look forward to working closely with the factory to continue to improve worker conditions and increase pay.