A fair trade administrator at work

Tompkins Point is proud to be a pioneer in the development of Fair Trade Certified apparel in the United States. Our clothing brand was among the first brands in the United States to be Fair Trade Certified and our supply chain partners have a deep commitment to the principles of Fair Trade.

Per fair trade requirements, we pay a 5% premium directly to factory workers and a 5%-10% premium is paid directly to cotton farmers.1 This premium is used for social or business development purposes and its exact use is decided by farming and factory worker committees, allowing farmers and factory workers to allocate their premium to social initiatives they deem most important.

For more information on Fair Trade or the launch of Fair Trade apparel and textiles,

please see our Fair Trade section.

1Factory workers are paid a 5% premium relative to the production cost of our shirts, farmers are paid a 5%-10% premium relative to the cost of the cotton used in our shirts.